Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bucephalus Media - Where Elevation is a Must! - Side Real

Overlord Ur-ros aka Myth-Ra Raised
This is really the 3rd year... 3rd post. It could even be the 4th year. So much is going on, it is hard to tell. 99.9 Bucephalus Media  AM and FM is the place to be because Bucephalus Media brings you the very best. Bucephalus Media brings you our best because Bucephalus Media speaks on real things because we do real things. There is the AM side which speaks on serious topics and the FM side that deals specifically  with music. I advise you to keep an eye on us because we got to keep our eyes and ears on the streets.. here and abroad. Real see real watch your steps and who you are steppin with because, we are definitely in crucial times. Elevation all day in
all ways.
             Myth-Ra Raised

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